We offer top of the line training at our facility. Water, field, and swamp work. Can fix most problems or just get your dog some good daily work in hunting condition. Work on Pheasants and Quail. Lots of retrieving action. Can fix most problems. Your dogs must be up to date on all shots and bring a copy along. Food and birds provided. We only take in 4 dogs at a time so your dog receives the proper attention. E-mail with description of what you would like your dog to do,age,temperament, and anything else. Usually we take a dog in for 2 weeks unless there are special problems to deal with that need more time. When you come to pick up your dog they will be put thru their paces for you to see and continue to work with. We can train non- hunting dogs as well. Price is $350 a week.

Do you have a specific problem you would like help from David with? With over 30 years of training he help you fix your dog. Ask a detailed question and Dave will give you a personal detailed answer. Only $10!

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