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Vizsla Pups

Vizsla Pups

Peggy Sue and Zeke got together and had a litter of 1 girl and 4 boys. The lady is sold so if you would like a male don't wait. Born August 3 they will be ready for new homes 7 weeks from that date.

$995 + tax


Lab Pups


Lightning and Dixie had there long awaited silver lab pups. There are 6 bouncing boys and 2 gorgeous girls. This is a repeat breeding that has produced fine healthy pups in the past. We will now start taking $200.00 deposits. Order or preference will be by who gets their check to me first.

$950 + tax


All of our puppies have received their first 5-way shot at 6 weeks and have been wormed at 4 and 6 weeks of age. We sell only healthy happy pups! We have an excellent starter kit with each puppy, which includes food, training tips, and more! We will answer all of your training questions via email for the life of your dog for FREE! All of our puppies are noise conditioned and have had lots of handling by us personally.

Here is what someone sent us who bought from a previous litter of these two.


When I picked up #5, a sweet tempered little silver lab from you last winter, I promised I would send you pictures. I am sorry that I have not, but little #5 and I have been quite busy becoming the best of friends.

Sylvie or Sylvia Jones if she happens to be in trouble is still one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met.

She loves to smile upon first seeing people which... looks rather creepy but I'm convinced she thinks herself a human. She almost never whines and barks only when startled, or if she sees an animal on TV. She is of course obsessed with water and even has a Kiddy pool that she frolics in daily. Sylvie is a beautiful retriever, has a soft mouth and quick eye. The Frisbee is her favorite toy which she catches mid air but also loves to run far into the woods to retrieve. Thank you so much for breeding such a fine companion. She is in excellent health and hasn't had any issues with her coat or skin. Your training tips and tools were so valuable and she impressed the vet by knowing several commands such as sit, stay, and shake by her first appointment. She continues to learn fun tricks and is training to hunt for deer sheds. She runs with me daily and has never chased a car.

She is snuggly and quick to read my mood and seems to know when I need space and when I need a hug.

I can't imagine life without this dog. We have been on several camping and hiking adventures all over the state and travels better than any dog I've known.

Thank you so much for the time, care and attention you put into you dogs. I happily recommend you to everyone looking for a puppy.

Vizsla pups and Yellow lab pups coming in August.

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